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Does your brain have a mind of its own?

Why can't we stick to our goals? Blame the sloppy engineering of evolution. (Article by yours truly in The Los Angeles Times.)

The new word in style: kluge

Leah McClaren of Canada's Globe and Mail writes that

"kluge style" is taking over the streets. Clumsily constructed outfits of ratty and half-broken pieces are the look of the moment among haute bourgeois urban fashion hounds.

Kluge in Newsweek

This weekend Raina Kelley's story about Kluge was the most viewed story on

Pasted Graphic

Kluge named Editor's Choice at the New York Times Book Review!

I kluged -- on national radio!

Professor experiences brain fart during a live interview with Faith Salie of Fair Game. You can hear it here.

Total Recall

How much would you pay to have a small memory chip implanted in your brain if that chip would double the capacity of your short-term memory? Or guarantee that you would never again forget a face or a name? Article by yours truly in The New York Times.

Television Debut

Check it out: Kluge on National Television.

Client 9. What was he thinking?

Elliot Spitzer as Kluge: